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Category Archives: food

I finally finished reseasoning my Lodge Logic. With an anticipation similar to watching Olympic Opening Ceremony, I fired the burner, poured some olive oil and fried some eggs.

It was perfect. The fluffy yellow pillow of egg slipped right off my dutch oven with only a few bits of egg getting stuck to the side. Pass.

But then I wanted to make stew. I love stew. I can only imagine using this Lodge for stew and nothing else.

I had some leftover rotisserie chicken, onions, northern great beans, and garlic. I google’d the said ingredients + stew and Taste of Home delivered a simple recipe that only required an extra can of green chilis. Okay, no problem.

Everything was going stewingly until I covered the dimpled Lodge Logic over my stew. No more than 5 minutes later when I checked on the stew, I noticed an unmistakable reddish brown film developing around the inner sides of the Dutch oven, but blossomed on the bottom part of the pot cover. It was rust. And 10 hours of scouring, applying, wiping, scrubbing, dabbing, baking, cooling have been for naught. The Red Returns is the sequel to The Endless Cycle of Applying and Baking Flax Oil For a $50 Pot.

On the upside, I still served and ate the chili. It was amazing! We didn’t get majorly sick from the chili (yet), but perhaps the majorly sick will come much later in the form of cell mutation/proliferation/negative-ation.