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When I read other people’s blogs/facebook posts I appreciate the photos they put up because it helps me visualize their experiences better, even if they are “instaglammed” up. I don’t know why I don’t why I don’t do that. Here you go, some pix of Biola:

Update: I must have accidentally deleted/lost photos of the Biola campus on my phone. They were mostly pictures of the library anyways since I spend 50% of my life in there even when I don’t need to. Some things don’t change even in a new environment. To make up for it, I’m publishing some random photos I found on my phone. Enjoy!

Tree Lighting

Macy’s gets to have a tree-lighting event, so why not Biola? The live music actually disrupted our evening class, but oh well. Free hot chocolate and napkins for everyone!


Maybe it’s because I live in a town where almost no one puts any Christmas decorations, but I was pretty impressed/surprised/slightly disturbed by all the inflatable decorations on my neighbor’s lawns. Here I am taking a pic with Santa and his towel.

Chicken stew

I couldn’t find anything Biola-ey so I am posting this picture of a hong-shao-chicken stew. We’re not allowed to cook with alcohol so I tried to compensate with water and chicken broth. Not the same.


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