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“A democracy is more than a form of government; it is primarily a mode of associated living, of conjoint communicated experience.” – John Dewey in Democracy and Education, 1916


I know local elections isn’t a very sexy topic, but it’s an important one that affects our lives! I have been blessed to have lived in a 1984-like dictatorship for two years to help me appreciate the precious treasure of voting. I know voting can feel like a Sisyphian burden, but it’s important because local elections give much more power to the voter as opposed to the national election. Please note that you need to register before OCTOBER 15th in order to vote in the November election.

In college, one of my friends confessed that she felt bewildered by all the complex issues and propositions, noting that it even seems dangerous and irresponsible to take such complex issues to an uninformed public. I completely agree! California is a unique state that, for better or worse, practices a hybrid direct-democracy/republic where voters can directly legislate through voting  on propositions (remember Prop 8 anyone?). Even though we might feel overwhelmed by the responsibility, I encourage all of us to educate ourselves on maybe only 1 or 2 issues, and, if you feel so behooved, vote only on those issues. I don’t think we should feel bad if we leave certain ones blank. An incomplete vote is better than a non-vote in my opinion!

All preaching aside, this month I’m going  to educate myself by researching and posting on each ballot issue, concluding with my projected vote.


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