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Well, virtual world, I’ve uprooted myself once again and have (temporarily?) planted myself in the desert shores of sunny SoCal. On the surface, I’ve come to study and obtain a Master’s degree in Teaching, but what I’m really looking for is some theory to ground my practices and mentorship from people who have taught for some time. So far classes have been great, but am a little bummed that I have to take a few classes online. I feel like teachers taking online classes don’t realize the irony that they’re participating in – isn’t the very act undercutting our very professions? Anyways, I need to be open to different ways of formation, virtual or real, so I guess I’ll give it a shot. I don’t have much choice anyways. 

School is great at a christian college. Every class starts with a meditation on a passage and prayer. At first I was weirded out, and, being the contrarian that I am, my gut reaction was to scoff at everything. From the smiley, friendly people to the Bible verses plastered all over the library walls, I felt I did not fit in with all the bubbliness. But, now, I gave in to the happy feelings that were actually fizzing within me, and now feel relieved and thankful for being in a setting that allows me to express this side of myself more easily. It’s weird, everyone on the first day of class was sharing their testimonies and personal philosophies about why they were there, and it was all so friggin’ brutally honest that I felt like I was at an AA meeting. Not that I’ve ever been to one. Where else on earth do you put your WORST foot forward first, and put forward your BEST foot only as Christ Jesus? 

And, I’m really thankful for this: this college has dispelled the myth that Christian students are bleeding heart simpletons who lack academic rigor. Today I met a Guatemalan-American grad student from Inglewood (a difficult neighborhood) who graduated from MIT! One drawback, however, is that this campus definitely lacks in diversity. Tons of (East) asians and white people, but only a few black and latino people. 
Here’s my room where I cradle and nurse my profound thoughts into brilliant essays: 
room 1

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  1. Do you have Mike Brimmage for Spiritual Formation??? That man changed my life! Glad you like it so far! Did you know as a grad student, you don’t have to attend Chapel? I did not know that! I went for like the first month, and then when I checked online to see if they had been tracking my attendance, I discovered they weren’t! And when I called, the person was like “….you’re a grad student? Um, you know you don’t have to attend? It’s great that you do, but you don’t have to..” 🙂 Little things I learned on the fly! My cousin (TJ’s younger brother) Howard Hsieh is a professor there, and Joyce Jee’s brother (Dean Yamada) is also there–if you have time, look them up! I’m so excited for you!

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