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I read this short bit on Kierkegaard’s understanding of the Bible, and how it is an “object of faith” but not the basis for faith. I don’t know what that really means, but if I understand the article correctly, it’s something akin to saying, “I believe the Bible provides good information on God himself, but it is not the sole foundation for faith”.

The Bible has errors. Grammatical, numerical, etc. I remember having a crisis in faith when I learned from a Jewish commentary that the census data published in Numbers could not possibly accurate. How could my pure faith stem from an errant Scripture? Even though the discrepancy was a minor detail, it was enough to make me think twice about how much trust and faith I was placing in the Holy Scripture.

Kierkegaard, according to this author’s take, came up with an interesting solution: ““because God wants Holy Scripture to be the object of faith and an offense to any other point of view, for this reason there are carefully contrived discrepancies (which, after all, in eternity will readily be dissolved into harmonies); therefore it is written in bad Greek, etc.” And like another skeptic who left a comment at the bottom, I find Kierkegaard’s rationalizing a bit of a stretch – why would God purposefully create an errant document to dissuade us from focusing too much on that document?

And now that I think about it, I wonder why we pour so much of ourselves over a letter that was written in an author’s butchered second language? Also, can someone explain to me how the phrase, “Scripture is the highways signs, Christ is the way” looks practically?


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