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Today I went to the library and began to prepare for my CSET English exam, an exam that all California teachers must pass in order to teach. In one of the subtests, the prompt asked me to identify the stress-related symptoms associated with public speaking, as well as to suggest some remedies for these symptoms. Here’s an excerpt from my own response, which I found myself jiggling with laughter after review:

“…Some may feel naked before an audience without any desk or podium to conceal their nervousness, and a perfectly good remedy for the shaking hand is to have a small object- i.e, a coin, a small ball, or a token of some sort- in the pocket of one’s pants. Some may find that fiddling with a little thing at the bottom of one’s pocket may alleviate nervousness or jitteriness.”

Oh man. I wish this was a real test and that I was somehow able to see the reaction of the test evaluator. NOTE – I was writing at a rapid pace and was unaware. I swear.


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  1. Sorry, I feel like I missed something. Why would the test evaluator be surprised/shocked?

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