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I’ve always been curious about the chaparral bush in my front yard with its silky smooth arms,  ultra-dense wood and blood crimson bark. I chanced upon a KQED special on the exact same bush, and it turns out it could possibly be a rare species of arctostaphylos, or in Greek, “bear grapes”. One rare species is so endangered that the government took action to transplant it to a secret location.

Anyways, the common name for this gorgeous bush is “manzanita”, or “little apple” in Spanish. It would be cool to find out that this bush is a rare species. I checked on as many websites as I could, but it was hard for me to differentiate among the many different types. I’ll just pretend that they’re super rare, and enjoy them accordingly ;).

The bush:

The little white bulbs:

The silky bark:

Quick question for the readers. When I use quotation marks (” “), I find myself wanting to use single apostrophe marks ( ‘ ‘ ) for some reason. I don’t know why I have this tendency, bad training perhaps, but something tells me there’s a time and place to use these marks ( ‘example’ ) versus (“example”). Any takers?



  1. I was going to tell you that your manzanita is probably an A. densiflora ‘Howard McMinn,’ but you’re right, it’s more fun to imagine that it’s a rare and endangered species. haha.

  2. …and I think the quotation mark thing is a stylistic difference between British and American usage (the British tend to use the single quotes first, then double quote any quotations within quotations, while Americans usually offset quotations with double quotes first).

  3. I’ve always learned that ‘ was used for a thought or reference to someone else’s thought within a quotation. For example, “And God said, ‘…..’.” scripture reference.

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