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1. Pique — n. a feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight

a) Furthermore, according to Gentile, the post-Vietnam officer corps did not turn its back on that war in a fit of pique

b) My mother’s incessant nagging about my cleanliness added to my pique.

2. prescience — n. having/showing knowledge of events before they take place

a) And he opposed, presciently, keeping the Marines in Beirut in 1993, just before their barracks were bombed.

b) John Mccain presciently supported the Petraeus surge during a time where both Democrat and Republicans alike was against such a move.

3. preclude — v. to prevent from happening; make impossible

a) …the need to preclude states from acquiring weapons of mass destruction.

b) We precluded Nate from causing a scene by sitting down to chat with him before the meeting.


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