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1. demur v. — raise doubts or objections or show reluctance

a) don’t remember where I came across this word

b) On our punctual 8pm walks, my family usually lecture me about the harsh realities of life and continually offer advice. I, however, usually demur to use their principles in everyday living.

2. munificent n. — of a gift or sum of money that is usually more generous than is usual. Very generous.

a) In the Koran, it constantly refers to God as ‘munificent’

b) Dmitriev had 1.000 roubles in his pocket. Trembling as if he were a drug addict, reached into his pockets and dropped them into the lap of a toothless beggar, and quickly ran off. Anyone watching would have thought Dmitriev munificent, but they would not know that that money came out of the coffers of hundreds of other beggars just like the one that so benefited from Dmitriev’s momentary fervor.

3. Profligate — adj. recklessly extravagant or wasteful of resources.

a) ?

b) D was about to drop 1.000 roubles down to try his luck, until his friend Pyotr reached over and grabbed his hand firmly trying to somehow communicate his disapproval of the situation.


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