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1. Galvanize – v. To shock or excite (someone) typically into action

a) No reference here. Galvanism, showed up in Pushkin’s short story, Queen of Spades. I thought it was the noun form of ‘galvanize’, which it kind of is, but turns out that it’s a historical term that refers to electricity caused by chemical reactions, or shock therapy. I think the the verb form is now used more in reference to someone’s charisma. Thus…

b) Obama’s charisma is nothing short of magic. Each speech somehow galvanizes hundreds of young voters in America to get off their couches and out onto their campuses, streets, and dmvs carrying clipboards full of registration papers, harranguing passerby’s about the privilege of voting.

2. Cursory – adj. hasty glance (superficial)

a) Pushkin, “Queen of Spades” – Herman drew a banknote from his pocket and handed it to Chekalinsky who, giving it a curosry glance, put it on Hermann’s card.

b) She quivered with excitement to hand her latest grades to her father. She handed it to him, and awaited with puppy-like expectation for her father’s approval. The father took a cursory glance at the piece of paper (he was busy watching ESPN News which was covering the debacle of Ricky William’s brief, drugged up career), and with his eyes still glued to the tv, he patted his daughter’s furry hair and slurred out, “gooood girllll”. She left the room practically wagging her tail, except, she didn’t have one.



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