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1. coquetry – n. a woman who flirts

a) Pushkin, “The Moor of Peter the Great” – He was twenty-seven; he was tall and well-built, and amore than one beauty cazed at him with feelings more flattering than mere curiosity; but the prejudiced Ibrahim either did not notice this, or looked upon it as mere coquetry”

b) She looked askance, but only playfully when he complimented her dress. Inside, she knew she like the attention, and coquettishly gave a cursory glance into his eyes that showed her pleasure while maintaining that disapproving frown. 

2. pernicious – adj. having a harmful effect, esp. in a gradual or subtle way.

a) Dostoevsky, “Brothers Karamazov” – It is my private opinion that several different causes were simultaneously at work, one of which was the deeply rooted hostility to the institution of elders as a pernicious innovation, and antipathy hidden deep in the hearts of many of the monks. 

b) Chiang Kai-Shek never drank any tea in all his life. He only drank water, surmising tea’s pernicious qualities would one day drag his health down.


3. antipathy – n. a deep-seated feeling of dislike; aversion (GRK: ‘anti’ = feeling; ‘pathos’ = feeling)

a) see above.  

b) I saw him afar, a mere outline of his image conjured an antipathy in myself that even surprised me.


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