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1. dint – n. i. an impression or hollow in a surface ii. a blow or stroke, typically made with a weapon in fighting. force of attack; impact.

v. mark (a surface) with impressions or hollow

phrase: “by dint of” means “by means of”

a) Webster’s dictionary: n. the soft dints at the top of the coconut v. the metal was dull and dinted

b) I finally threw out the table replete with dints and scratches.

2. Effigy – A sculpture or model of a person. A roughly made model of a person, made in order to be destroyed as a protest or expression of anger.

a) St. Augustine, The City of God (6): It was not, therefore, the men who were protected by the effigy, but the effigy by the men.

b) They tied a noose around Saddam’s bronze neck and attached it to the tank. It pulled, and the effigy jerked off its pedestal and fell lifeless onto the concrete. The fanatic crowd kicked at his face but making only tiny dints on his cold, hard face. The statue, a symbol of Saddam’s attempt to deify himself, was now brought low and captured by the victims of his hatred. The statue is their rightful effigy.


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