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Hello folks,

Nothing special here. Just some personal training and an attempt to find better tools to organize myself. I will first give the definition, second, the context in which I ran across the word, and finally try to use the word in a sentence.

‘histrionic’- 1. adj. overly exaggerated, theatrical, or melodramatic in character or style. Also has a sort-of psychological tint–denoting a personality disorder marked by shallow, volatile emotions, and attention-seeking behavior.

2. From the September Atlantic issue: “Yet it was the smooth, non-histrionic Williams who put the candidates through a series of stunts” (39).

3. My mother’s yelps for help after her fall fell upon deaf ears conditioned to tune out such histrionic displays.

cowed– 1. to cause one to submit to one’s wishes by intimidation

2. September Atlantic: “Brian Williams asked many meaty questions that night, and his bearing through that and two other debates was respectful without being cowed” (39).

3. I was cowed by my dad’s wide-eyed glare and full tilt into my personal space.

parried–1. Ward off a weapon or attack, esp. with a countermove or b) answer a question evasively

2. When Stephanopoulos opened a debate that was held on his Sunday-morning show by asking her bluntly if Obama was up to the job, she parried with, “well, George, I was going to say good morning,” getting a laughed, and then eased into, “You know, I’m running on my own qualifications and experience” (45).

3. He thrust the sword aimed at my chest, but I parried with my dagger.

educe–1. to be drawn out or develop (latent or potential) b) infer from data

2. Sept Atlantic: “She also used surprising dramatic skills to educe Barack Obama’s very worst moment in the debates” (45)

3. After reading Freakonomics, he could not educe a logical conclusion from the numbers.

denigration (from the v. denigrate) — criticize unfairly; disparage

2. Sept. Atlantic: But the ever-extending duration of the campaign and the 24/7 intensity of the media coverage that surrounds it systematically encourage distortion and denigration

3. He sat in the hot-seat, sweating beads, humiliatingly facing the denigration from both sides of the accusing aisle.

garish 1. obtrusively bright and showy; lurid

2. In practice, the need to break through thte constant chatter and drive the daily media narrative-theimperative to win each news cycle-encourages the campaings to portray policy disagreements as character flaws and to reduce the canddiates’ differences to garish stereotypes (Plutocrat! Socialist! Warmonger! Appeaser!) (56).

3. Today’s urban designs utilize garish styles that often display strange and disturbing sketches of distorted anime figures.


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